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  • 多谱LED全自动灌胶机DP680
  • 多谱LED全自动灌胶机DP668
  • 多谱LED高速分光机DP980
  • 多谱全自动切脚检测一体机
  • Multispectral semi-a..

About us

  Shenzhen Multispectral Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd.it is a professional LED packaging and applications of high-tech enterprises, technical strength, product line with the market. Multispectral brings together the industry for many years engaged in the LED device development elite, clung to the integrity, professionalism, quality demand responsibility, technological innovation, customer service. Since its establishment has applied for several patents for inventions into products and quickly into the market. Has successfully developed for LED packaging production of LED sorting machines, LED automatic irrigation plastic machine, LED automatic cut foot machine detection and other related products. Multispectral in pursuit of industry-leading technology, the pursuit of exquisite production, the pursuit of fair and reasonable sales, the pursuit of the supremacy of the service. Multispectral uphold: continuous development of the industry needs to provide suitable equipment, and high-quality services, with industry colleagues to work together to create a new energy-saving, low-carbon economy era ......[Details]

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core values:
Multispectral mission - to help manufacturing transformation and upgrading. Chinese dream to achieve high-end manufacturing.

multispectral vision:
China to build first-class equipment manufacturers.

multispectral spirit:
Continue to develop new products, continued to develop new markets.

multispectral culture:

Sub integrity, focus on quality, outstanding performance, eager to change, cooperation and win-win, employee benefit.



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